I'm so excited for the premiere of WITs Academy, and I've devised a few predictions based on what I've read and heard online, and also some things I would like to happen.


  • Emma will visit Andi at the academy.
  • Ruby will somehow develop powers, although she is listed as a powerless witch.
  • Cameron may have an interest in someone.
  • Obviously, Ruby and Andi will be frenemies, but may work together in one or two episodes.
  • Maybe Jessie will begin to like someone, or someone will like her.
  • Luke's crush on Andi may affect his status on being in first place on the Leaderboard.
  • Kim and Andi will becomes good friends, but they may get into a fight.
  • Jessie and Andi will not get along very well at first, but may become at least civil by the finale.
  • I feel that Andi will be a good influence on Ben, as he seems to be a bit fearful.

What I Would Like to Happen

  • Emma, Jax, Jake, and Lily all guest star, but I doubt it will happen, in the first season, anyway :(
  • Although I like Andi and Luke, I can't help but think Andi and Cameron intrigues me.
  • Cameron and Ruby also intrigue me.
  • I'd love to see Jessie and Ben become good friends.
  • I have a feeling Bianca Matthews's character may be related to Luke or something, or maybe just his friend.
  • I'd like to see Agamemnon give like a 'pep talk' to Andi, and really show that he believes in her as much as Emma does. That would be really sweet :)
  • I wonder how long Andi and Luke's rivalry lasts. It would be so cute if during an argument he just kissed her on the cheek, and became so embarassed, he walked away and Andi stood there, shocked.
  • I'm curious as to how Emily and Ethan feel about Ruby. I feel like she may push them a bit too hard, and I want to see how that plays out.

So, these are just a few thoughts.  I can't believe it starts tomorrow!! I'm really excited!! :D