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  • Angelcreature

    Hey guys,

    I would like your opinion on me "adopting" this wiki. To be honest, I just want a chance to do more for it, like I have with Every Witch Way Wiki and The Fosters Wiki. I thoroughly enjoy adding more information to this wiki and others, and only want to make this one better. I've added pages, pictures, userboxes, and written information on different topics, and have been pretty consistent with adding information, as I edit daily. (Userboxes are just a way to spruce up your profile by stating your favorite pairings or characters of a show)

    I asked to be an admin a while back, but never got a proper answer. I believe one of the admins said it depends on how much you contribute and how you treat other users. 

    So, I'm asking for your sup…

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  • Angelcreature

    WITS Academy Season 2

    December 7, 2015 by Angelcreature

    Hey guys! I loved the first season of WITS Academy and really want a second one. If you do too, like this page on Facebook!! (I run it.)

    The goal is to get enough people so we can trend #witsacademyseason2 on Twitter and tweet at Nickelodeon, saying how much we love the show! Please support if you can :)

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  • Angelcreature

    I want to make a page about the Andi-Ruby conflict but I need a name. Which ones do you guys like?





    Crebber (last names. I'm leaning towards this one)

    P.S I'm also thinking about doing one for Jessie and Emily. Any ideas on names?  I got:

    • Jemily
    • Prevoa (last names)
    • Novoascott (last names)
    • Emilessie

    What do you guys think? If you have some of your own names, please share them!

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  • Angelcreature

    I'm so excited for the premiere of WITs Academy, and I've devised a few predictions based on what I've read and heard online, and also some things I would like to happen.

    • Emma will visit Andi at the academy.
    • Ruby will somehow develop powers, although she is listed as a powerless witch.
    • Cameron may have an interest in someone.
    • Obviously, Ruby and Andi will be frenemies, but may work together in one or two episodes.
    • Maybe Jessie will begin to like someone, or someone will like her.
    • Luke's crush on Andi may affect his status on being in first place on the Leaderboard.
    • Kim and Andi will becomes good friends, but they may get into a fight.
    • Jessie and Andi will not get along very well at first, but may become at least civil by the finale.
    • I feel that And…

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