General Information
Nickname Jethan


Intimacy Level Good Friends


Friendship Started Power Trip
Friendship Status Good Friends


 Jethan (Jessie/Ethan) was the friendship pairing between Jessie Novoa and Ethan Prescott in WITS Academy.

Jethan Moments

Season 1

Power Trip

  • Jessie and Ethan read Captain El Capitan together, which is both their favorite comic book series.

Similarities and Differences


  • They're both WITS in training.
  • Both have same interest in 'Capitan El Capitan' comic.
  • They both have brown eyes and black hair.
  • They both have a sibling.


  • Ethan is a boy and Jessie is a girl.
  • Ethan likes Emily, his sister, but Jessie dislikes her.
  • Ethan has a sister; Jessie has a brother.
  • Jessie wears glasses, and Ethan doesn't.


  • Their friendship makes Emily jealous.
  • Ethan saved Jessie from a spell Emily threw.
  • Ethan told Jessie that she's cooler than Emily.
  • Ethan likes Emily, his sister, but Jessie dislikes Emily.
  • They practice the obstacle course together in class.
  • Jessie helped Emily rescue Ethan from the roots of the Dyad tree.


  • Against the Current - Brighter
  • Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran - Everything Has Changed
  • Andrew Belle - In My Veins


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